About Us

Collateral Evaluation Associates, Inc. (CEA) began operations in 1990, providing machinery & equipment and inventory appraisals for asset based lenders.

CEA continues to provide appraisal and related services from our headquarters located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

CEA’s appraisers have extensive experience in meeting the specific appraisal requirements of asset based lenders and financial institutions, accountants, assessing officers, attorneys, leasing professionals, insurance companies and independent business owners.

Appraisal assignments have been conducted for the following reasons and uses:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Condemnation
  • Corporate Dissolution
  • Divorce
  • Eminent Domain
  • Finance
  • Insurance and Loss Settlement
  • Leasing
  • Management Considerations
  • Purchase Price Allocation (Fair Value)
  • Taxation (Ad Valorem, Estate and Gift)

All CEA appraisers have in excess of 25 years of experience and include members and candidate members of the American Society of Appraisers.  Appraisal assignments are always completed in conformance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) as promulgated by the Appraisal Foundation.

What differentiates Collateral Evaluation Associates, Inc. from other machinery & equipment and inventory appraisal companies?

Simply stated, it’s our professionalism and experience. Established in 1990, CEA has accomplished literally thousands of machinery & equipment and inventory appraisals. Our principals have over twenty five years of full time professional appraisal experience.

Extensive familiarity in a wide range of industries, a long standing relationship with the American Society of Appraisers and our strict adherence to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) undisputedly distances us from our competition.

What does a typical appraisal cost?

The cost of an appraisal depends on the client’s requirements, the scope of work for the assignment, and the use of the appraisal. Factors that must be considered include:

  • the type or types of appraisals to be accomplished;
  • the turnaround time required for the assignment;
  • the quantity of items to be appraised;
  • the geographic location of the subject equipment;
  • the number of locations to be visited;
  • the size of the facility or facilities involved;
  • the necessity of a physical inspection of the subject assets;
  • the commonality or proprietary nature of the assets under consideration;
  • the availability of corporate records as they pertain to the subject assets;

Only after analyzing all pertinent factors will CEA quote a fee or fee range for our services.

As an appraisal is an expense to the end user, we steadfastly believe in providing value to our customers.  One way we accomplish this objective is by thoroughly managing the appraisal process.  Typically, the “in the field” portion of the appraisal process is the most costly component of a standard assignment, due primarily to travel related expenses.  Through the use of a dictation method and proprietary data input software, our appraisers are able to create a comprehensive and detailed list of the items being appraised in a time-effective efficient manner.  At CEA, these savings are passed along to our customers.

How long does it take to complete a typical appraisal?

The turnaround time to complete an appraisal is dependent on many of the same factors used to determine the fee for our services.  We take pride in meeting all of the requirements of an appraisal, including the predetermined time frame for completion, and will not commit to an appraisal assignment unless we can meet our customers deadline. This we guarantee.

Do you provide appraisal services in my area?

CEA is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and a majority of our existing customers are located in the Southeastern United States.  However, we have completed appraisals across the country and in Canada, Mexico and other foreign countries.

We recognize that we may not always be the “local” appraisers.  Subsequently, we strive to be especially diligent in working with our clients to meet their very specific requirements.  By paying meticulous attention to details, managing and minimizing expenses, and employing appraisal techniques such as providing “desktop” valuations when applicable, CEA continues to be an option for appraisal services in all geographical regions of the country.

I’m not sure if I need an appraisal, what should I do?

Contact us in the manner that is most convenient for you. We genuinely welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific appraisal requirements.  At CEA, we are in the business of providing our clients with timely and relevant information, not selling you a service that you don’t need.