Asphalt Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Asphalt Equipment AppraisersDemand for asphalt paving products from the highway and road construction markets is improving. The industry’s overall performance was extremely weak over the five year period prior to 2011/2012.

Continued improvements in the domestic economy and anticipated increases in outlays for infrastructure and building construction support continued growth in the asphalt production industry. As the construction markets improve, asphalt manufacturers will face similar growth.

CEA recently appraised the machinery & equipment of an asphalt production and paving company. The highest valued asset was a 400 ton per hour continuous mix asphalt plant with a rap system. Other equipment of note included a portable aggregate screening plant.

Appraisal Conclusion: The asphalt plant and portable screening plant are newer and in very good condition. Resultantly, these items had high concluded values. In general, demand for used asphalt related production equipment and their corresponding values are definitely improving!

Water Bottling Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Bottling Equipment Appraisers

Collateral Evaluation Associates, Inc. (CEA) is an experienced water filling and bottling machinery & equipment appraiser, and is also qualified to appraise industrial fluid filling and packaging machinery & equipment.

CEA recently appraised a water bottling operation. The subject items appraised included blow molding machinery & equipment, water purification machinery & equipment, rotary filling and capping machinery & equipment, labeling machinery & equipment, and packaging machinery & equipment.

Appraisal Observations: The industry was in decline during a brief period of low demand due to falling disposable incomes and increasing scrutiny about environmental impacts during the Great Recession. The industry is recovering, as consumers are resuming their purchases of bottled water. Additionally, the industry’s adoption of eco-friendly practices will likely persuade environmentally conscious consumers to buy its products, while making operators more efficient at the same time.

Appraisal Conclusions: Greater demand for bottled water has as positive effect on the water bottling machinery and equipment appraised. The items appraised included newer reverse osmosis water purification machinery & equipment, rotary filling and capping machinery & equipment, and labeling machinery & equipment. These items are standard to the industry, and have high value. The blow molding machinery & equipment, although somewhat older, also has higher value. Other items such as depalletizers, palletizers, conveyors, etc., are older and have lower value.

Commercial Laundry Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Cleaning up: Recovery in healthcare and food service sectors will boost demand for commercial laundry equipment.Commercial Laundry Equipment Appraisers

Collateral Evaluation Associates, Inc. recently completed an appraisal of the machinery and equipment of a commercial laundry and dry cleaning operation. The machinery and equipment included washer extractors, dryers, dry cleaning machines/systems, presses and support equipment manufactured by well known industry names such as Forenta, Hoffman, Milnor, Unipress, etc.

Appraisal Conclusion: Concluded values were high due to improved market conditions, as well as the relatively newer age and good condition of the subject assets. The industry is notoriously rough on equipment, and onsite inspections are advisable!